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Google+ Gears Up for Business – Issue 78

Friday, July 29th, 2011

Business profiles with analytics launching in Q3

Google+ Gears Up for Business

Business owners will have to be patient for a little while longer, as Google announced that the Google+ experience will be launched for businesses in or shortly after Q3 of 2011. While some businesses have jumped the gun and are using their personal Google+ accounts for their business, they will soon find out that doing things this way was not the best idea. Google is not allowing these accounts to be migrated into a new business account so merchants will have to start at the beginning again. The new business-friendly model will include analytics and more sophisticated sharing options. “We want to give them the features businesses expect and the features that can improve the sharing experience both for consumers and businesses,” said a Google spokesperson.

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How to Expand Your Comparison Shopping Engine Marketing

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

If you’re thinking about expanding your comparison shopping engine activity, or just want to get into a new marketing channel, Amazon Product Ads is now opening up to more categories, and when you click on our link here, you’ll get started with $75 in free clicks. Amazon Product Ads is Amazon’s cost per click comparison shopping engine. The general difference between Amazon Product Ads and the Amazon Marketplace is that with the Marketplace the shopper’s entire buying process, from search to purchase, stays on Amazon. However, with Amazon Product Ads a shopper finds your product on Amazon, clicks on a product ad and then is directed to your web store where they can purchase your product. As with any cost per click comparison shopping engine, when you put attention in and use better tools to manage your Amazon Product account, you’ll see better results.

Recently, Amazon Product Ads have opened up their category restrictions. They are now accepting product ads in the following categories: Baby, Computers, Electronics, Grocery, Health & Beauty, Home, Home Improvement, Jewelry, Musical Instruments, Office, Pet Supplies, Shoes, Sports, Toys and Watches. If you’d like to try out Amazon Product ads, sign up by clicking on our link and Amazon Product Ads will start you off with $75 in free clicks.


Twitter is You at a Table, Chatting up Friends

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

“Twitter is you and your friends sitting down around a table, hanging out.”

A friend says this to me, and a light bulb practically goes off above my head. This was the metaphor I’ve been looking for to describe what it is that I love about Twitter! We’re all just hanging out, chatting!

Twitter is a place where you can talk and share information with friends, and your other friends can see it as well. Sure the guy at the next table over may be able to hear what you’re saying, but the conversation as a whole is fairly private. Because of the way that @replies work between users, you can have a fairly private conversation that only people who know you both can see – your friends. (more…)

Comparison Shopping Engines: Why you need to be on them & what you need to succeed.

Monday, July 25th, 2011

Our Holiday Preparation Webinar Series kicks off this week! Free tips and advice to help you boost your holiday sales in on the way in this six part series.

We’re beginning with comparison shopping engines (CSEs), which are vital marketing resources for online business owners because they have something the search engines don’t: people who are 100% ready to shop.

Join CSE experts Steve Weber and Matt Kresge on July 27 at 2 p.m. ET for a webinar dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about CSEs, including why you need to be on them if you aren’t already. Holiday prep time has arrived and CSEs can give you the bump in traffic you want during the most important time of the year for retailers.

Our experts will review:
• What are the top 10 CSEs
• How to get your products on the engines
• The costs of each CSE
• What you need to succeed
• Management tools

Webinar attendees will receive a very special, limited offer revealed at the end of the presentation!

Don’t miss out, only one week to register!


Holiday Preparation Starts Now – Issue 77

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Brand new, free webinar series for merchants

Holiday Webinar Series for Merchants

It’s hard to believe that half of 2011 is already behind us, but for retailers it can’t be ignored. The fall brings the most important time of the year for retailers: the holiday season. As consumers are still watching their budgets, holiday shopping comes earlier and earlier each year with some people having already started. This means retailers need to have their plans and promotions set and ready to go now. Planning in advance is what keeps your store busy and helps it make to most revenue during the biggest spending season. Because this is so important for retailers, Solid Cactus as part of the eCommerce Solutions Network has a brand new webinar series kicking off on July 27 to help merchants be as prepared as they can be for the upcoming season. From customer service insight, to Internet marketing tips, this series will cover what you need to do to increase traffic and boost your holiday sales.

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