A CSE & SEO Venn Diagram

Every online marketing channel is unique, but did you know that Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can work together like two peas in a Venn diagram? (I guess you would technically need three peas for a Venn diagram, but work with me here!)

Steve Weber, CSE Manager, and Cory Brin, SEO Manager, presented about how you can make the two work for each other, and for you!

Search engine spiders “crawl” your website for relevant content, and rank organic results accordingly. As a result, fresh and unique (don’t simply copy and paste manufacturer descriptions) content is very important, as is utilizing anchor text (hyperlinking certain words or phrases to an appropriate landing page). And, even though Meta-tags aren’t as important as they used to be, don’t overlook them.

How does it all fit together? CSE listings pull data from content. In fact, did you know that a Meta-title in SEO is a Product Title in CSE’s? Also, a Meta-description in SEO is a Product Description in CSE’s. As a result, when you optimize SEO for organic listings, you are indirectly optimizing for CSE listings.

There are numerous factors to consider with CSEs and each engine has some of its own unique requirements, but if you are working with Google Shopping be aware of the following important upcoming dates:

May 3rd
Merchants will be required to have at least two of the following:
• UPC (12 digit bar code)
• Brand
• MPN (Manufacturer’s Part Number)

June 6th
• Merchants will need to include all shipping and tax information

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