An Economy on the Rise – Issue 64

Economic indicators show continued increases

An Economy on the Rise

The economy has been the center of attention for months, even a few years now and the attention it has been getting is not good. Unemployment and foreclosure rates are on the rise along with gas and food prices. The current situation makes many wonder when something will finally give. USA Today reports that a private research group which is measuring economic activity reported another rise for the month of March, which is the ninth straight increase they have seen. The report also suggests that the economy will continue to grow as the summer months near us, despite the increasingly high oil prices. The Department of Labor is also reporting that fewer people applied for unemployment benefits this month. Could this be the start of a much desired, highly anticipated turn around for the United States?

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General eCommerce Business

Verizon iPhone Sales Explode in First Quarter
The long awaited launch of the Verizon iPhone has come and gone and now the results are in. All the hype definitely paid off the service provider activated 2.2 million iPhones in the first quarter. But even though sales were higher than expected, AT&T still beat them out with an impressive 3.6 million iPhones activated. So who will be the king in the competitive world of cell phone service? Time will tell as Apple prepares to launch the iPhone 5 this fall. Read more.
How to Increase Your Customer Reacquisition
In order to increase your customer retention or reacquisition if they already were customers in the past, you need to take a close look at your customer data. “The role of customer data analysis in retention is to increase the propensity that a customer will do business with you again at a lower cost than the first time they did business with you,” said Neil Mason of ClickZ. Make your brand more relevant and lower your costs by following these tips.
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eCommerce Marketing

What to Know About International SEO
As an eCommerce store owner, you know that you’re able to reach customers all around the county, but do you try and reach customers all over the world? Many eCommerce sites simply translate their sites into a foreign language, but as eCommerce Times says, that just isn’t enough. In order to really capture those international shoppers, you’ve got to practice a little international SEO. Read more.
Outsourcing Internet Marketing Increases in Popularity
It is up to each individual business to decide whether it makes more sense to do all marketing activities in house or by an outside company. Do you have the time? Do you have the knowledge necessary to make the smartest marketing decisions for your business? A new study shows that companies outsourcing their marketing initiatives are on the rise this year. But what are they outsourcing exactly and how many are doing so? Read more.

Selling Online

Does Pay-What-You-Wish Pricing Pay?
Have you ever considered using a pay-what-you-wish pricing system for some of your items? Can you really make money this way? Linda Bustos of GetElastic says yes, it is possible, if you do it right. First, you need to decide if your products are right for a pay-what-you-wish style of pricing. Next, consider how long you wish to sell them like this and whether you’d like a suggested price displayed. Follow a few more steps and you may just have a new method of selling to your customers. Read more.
5 Tips to Tap into Mother’s Day Spending
Mother’s Day is right around the corner and retailers are preparing for the increase in spending the holiday brings. In fact, Mother’s Day comes second as the largest holiday in terms of consumer spending in the U.S. Entrepreneur.com says to take advantage of this spending wave, you first need to optimize each of your website pages for Mother’s Day offers, not just your home page. You can also take advantage of promoting Father’s Day items, to get a little early promotion in for the next holiday on the calendar. Read more.

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