Battle of the Giants – Issue 68

Despite smear campaign, Google will launch Social Search globally

Yahoo! debuts new instant search product

Last week, controversy rocked the Internet. The bubble burst on Facebook’s “smear” campaign against Google that was intended to expose the alleged privacy violations in the search engine’s Social Search feature. It was unveiled that Facebook hired PR firm Burson-Marsteller to get journalists to cover the privacy violations that they viewed as serious and relevant. Although in a statement released by Facebook it was said that “no ‘smear’ campaign was authorized or intended”, the social network still faced criticism from its peers. It also brought the privacy issues in Google’s Social Search into the limelight, but despite that, Google still intends to release the feature to 19 more languages next week. Social Search combines both standard search results and public information from your friends’ social media activities.

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When posting photos on social media networks, show something a little less formal to humanize your organization. Show off a side that your customers may not get to see.-Social Media Examiner New Products for Yahoo! Stores
eCommerce News of the Week

Selling Online

Free Shipping Isn’t Going Anywhere
It may not be something eCommerce merchants want to here, but free shipping in increasing in popularity, and it’s here to stay. comScore reported that in Q1 of 2011 nearly half of all online orders were delivered for free. It used to be that the holiday season was the major time of the year for free shipping promotions, but now consumers are starting to expect it all year round. But free shipping orders are usually of higher value which helps offset the cost. Cart abandonment rates also decrease. Read more.
4 Tips for Efficient Site Search
You may not realize but site search is one of the most crucial elements of an eCommerce website. It helps cut a shopper’s trip in half by allowing them to find exactly what they needed to find. But how do you know how effective your site search actually is? Practical eCommerce has 4 ways for you to make your site search the best it could be to help you get more shoppers to the checkout page.
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Mobile Commerce

Mobile Search Shows Higher CTR
Since June 2010, total ad spend on mobile search grew significantly. What was once .34% of total search spend is now 1.7%. Not only is mobile search advertising lower in cost, but the click through rate is 2.7 times higher than normal desktop rates. This is a good sign for the growing field of mobile commerce, but it isn’t all good news. Mobile conversion rates are still lower, which may show that people are using their devices for search, but then shopping in store or from their computer later on. Read more.
How to Mobile-Optimize Your Marketing
Marketers used to focus all of their tactics and ad spend on more traditional methods to get their message out. It was all about television commercials, radio and newspaper ads. This simply is no longer the case as the advertising world now looks to a new medium: mobile. The mobile platform is different though with its own special formatting, rules, and challenges. What do you need to do to get your marketing materials mobile ready? Mashable explains all in this article. Read more.

Social Media

101 Retailers Making Money with Facebook
Social media advertising may have not gotten you the surge in sales you expected, but don’t fret. Econsultancy has created a list of 101 retailers who are indeed bringing in the dough from their Facebook page. Facebook is known as a great outlet to reach your customers, interact with them and get their opinions, but wouldn’t you like it even more if you could get a few sales while doing so? Read more.
3 Ways to Spring Clean Your Social Media
Spring is in full swing and if you haven’t gotten around to spring cleaning your social media presence, it’s time to get your hands dirty. This is a great time of the year to identify what your social media goals are, what needs to be fixed on your profile pages, and if there is anyone you need to remove from your friend list. These 3 steps will help you get your social media spic and span and help your presence grow. Read more.

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