Bing Bounces Back and Falls into a PLA Model

In late May 2012, Google made a big announcement that would change the way businesses would sell on their sites. In the announcement, they informed merchants that their Google Product Search would be changing to a pay-per-click type model; also, that they would be moving towards showing the merchants products in a Product Listing Ad (PLA) format.

Revenue results from clients before and after using Google PLAs

With that knowledge, it should come as no surprise that Bing would follow suit nearly a year later with their announcement this past April. Bing revealed that they would be moving to the same Product Ads model in Q3 of this year. Bing’s Product Ads will be comparable to Google’s, in that ads will include the products image, price, description, and merchant center information.


How Bing’s new Product Ads will look

Bing is not currently allowing any new merchants to sign up for Bing Shopping, and hasn’t been for quite some time now. Considering this announcement, it is expected that Bing will reopen their doors to new merchants. This will be a good chance for businesses that weren’t already on Bing to sign up and explore a new avenue for sales. However, if you are already on Bing Shopping, you have an advantage. Although, for the most part, we have seen some decline in Bing Shopping results, we recall the same activity occurring before the new Google Shopping was unveiled. So don’t fret; and make sure to keep your account live during this process!


Co-Written by Jaclyn Rudeski & Andy Peck

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