Black Friday Goes Mobile

Mobile Searches Dominate This Holiday Season

Internet Commands Back-to-School Shopping

Mobile may have changed the way consumers did their holiday shopping in 2010, but in 2011 it’s going change the game even more. Mobile will be the outlet of choice for shopping activities not only on Black Friday but throughout the month of December. Google Inc. is predicting the 15% of all searches made on Black Friday will be made on a mobile device and that 44% of December searches for last-minute gift ideas and store locations will also come from mobile devices. What does this mean for retailers? It should alter your holiday marketing strategy so that you can become more mobile-friendly. You will need to make sure that your site renders on a mobile device. You need to bid on keywords that are more localized so you can get better results with shoppers on the go. Take a closer look at how mobile is changing the holiday shopping game.

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Social Media

7 Tips for Facebook News Feed Optimization
Getting your Facebook page updates to be shown in your fans news feed is so important. When it comes down to it, 90% of fans don’t return to your fan page after liking you, they simply read updates in their own news feed. So what can you do to make your posts stand out more? First you should understand Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm for determining which updates get seen and follow these tips to optimize your posts. Read more.
7 Social Media Marketing Must-Haves
You may often ask yourself what savvy business owners are doing to really leverage the power of social media to promote their business and increase sales. You may also be asking what you can in turn do to make your presence more powerful. There are right and wrong ways to go about running an effective social media campaign and these seven techniques will help you create a winning plan for your business.
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Customer Service

Google Puts Customer Service on the Board
Being one of the largest Internet companies in the world with millions of customers isn’t easy. How can you possibly provide quality customer service to every single one of these customers? It takes a lot of resources and it’s no surprise that up until now Google hasn’t been known for excellent customer service. But the giant is taking a new route to service excellence by investing in a larger customer service department employing more than 1,000 agents. Why is Google taking a second look at service and should you be as well? Read more.
Multi-Channel Customer Communication
With the rise of power in the social media realm, it is no surprise to see more and more customers taking to this communication channel to make their complaints known. It’s the last place you want to see someone saying things about your business that would hurt your reputation because anyone and everyone can see it. But it is the reality and so you must take to these channels and consider them as one of your customer service mediums. Learn how you should handle these social customer service situations. Read more.

Selling Online

9 Ways to Sell a Common Product Line
In the early days of eCommerce there were very few stores that sold specialty or niche products. As more and more businesses started, these niche areas began to grow and competition is on the rise. Your products may have at one point made you the unique store on the eCommerce block, but now you’ve got competitors knocking at your door. Take these nine tips for selling common products to truly make your business and product line stand out to consumers. Read more.
How to Use QR Codes
As smartphone use explodes, QR codes are becoming more and more popular for retailers to use. But for many retailers the technology is brand new and they may not be sure exactly what to do with QR codes and how it can help improve sales on their online store. First, you must learn to create these codes and then how to efficiently utilize them as part of your marketing plan. Find out more about QR codes and how they are evolving the eCommerce world. Read more.

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