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Jeff Stolarcyk

Google+ and Your Business – Should You Be There?

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

There was a time, only a few short years ago, when new social media launches were a big deal, guys. In the more enlightened and more cynical age of 2011, we know better; we’ve seen socnet come and go and seen things like Color and worse that make The Office’s social media parody seem plausible and maybe even viable. Which is why, a few months in, it’s tough to get excited about Google+ – especially its prospects for businesses.

While Google is an undisputed killer at search and pretty good at a few dozen other things, social has traditionally been the space where they’ve struggled. Google Wave, in addition to being ahead of its time, was launched clumsily and then shuttered after it became first a laughingstock and then an afterthought. Last year’s Google Buzz debacle was even worse, though Buzz is still around, integrated into this summer’s Charlie Brown attempt to kick the football – Google+. At least Orkut, Google’s first social venture, is still popular in Brazil and India, though never became popular here in the U.S. (more…)

The Best of Yahoo! & Bing at Boot Camp

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Yahoo! and Bing account for 30% of the search market share, with 5.6B monthly searches, and 161M unique searchers!

Special thanks go out to Casceil Beckom, Yahoo!/Bing Creative Strategist, for traveling all the way from sunny California to [rainy] Pennsylvania to share some very exciting updates to the adCenter platform for Yahoo! and Bing pay-per-click (PPC):

Transition Fixes:

• Less billing issues
• Better editorial checks within accounts to prevent disapprovals
• Improved budgeting pacing and constraints
• Optimized ad serving and better volume (more…)

Donna Werts

Conquer Your Corner of the eCommerce World

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Trying to have a stand out online store today is very difficult. You most likely sell the same items other merchants sell. By treating your customers like they are the only customers you have can help you shine above the rest. It can help you Conquer your Corner of the eCommerce World.

We have all heard time and time again about how important it is to have good customer service. We have heard:

• Pick up your phone
• Be available
• Be courteous
• Have customer friendly policies (more…)

Session Recap: Tips from the PPC Team

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Friday afternoon, Solid Cactus eCommerce Boot Camp hosted a PPC roundtable session. PPC specialists Leigh McGlynn and Mike McGinley (Mc power in the PPC department!) were available to talk a bit about pay per click marketing and answer any questions that boot campers might have had.

PPC Hot-Points from the Roundtable
• Google, Yahoo! and Bing all have downloadable desktop tools for you to use. If you manage your own PPC, they are important to have. You can easily do bulk changes from here.
• Just like other Internet marketing avenues, when you run PPC ads all depends on your customer base. Many stores will get orders at certain times and on certain days. Try it out and see when your best times are. (more…)

A CSE & SEO Venn Diagram

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Every online marketing channel is unique, but did you know that Comparison Shopping Engines (CSEs) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can work together like two peas in a Venn diagram? (I guess you would technically need three peas for a Venn diagram, but work with me here!)

Steve Weber, CSE Manager, and Cory Brin, SEO Manager, presented about how you can make the two work for each other, and for you! (more…)