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Build a Loyal Facebook Fan Base with “Get Me Likes” from Solid Cactus

Friday, October 18th, 2013

Get Me LIkes is a great way to build your Facebook fan base by offering your shoppers an incentive in exchange for a like.

Get Me LIkes is a great way to build your Facebook fan base by offering your shoppers an incentive in exchange for a like.

Building a base of loyal customers is something that every eCommerce store owner strives for. Repeat customers who spread the word about your business to their friends and family is a priceless form of advertising.

One way of building brand loyalists is to take advantage of the most popular social networking site today, Facebook. If you’re like me, you probably spend a great deal of time every day going through your news feed seeing what your friends are up to, “liking” Facebook pages for your favorite businesses and posting pictures of what you just had for lunch.

Facebook is a community, and it’s one that your business should be a part of. If you’ve been putting off creating a Facebook page for your eCommerce store, why not take a few moments and do it now. With the holidays just weeks away, it’s more important than ever to have a Facebook page for your customers to “like” so you can market to them for little or no cost.

Once you setup your Facebook page, you need to get your customers to “like” it. There are some simple things you can do to get the ball rolling:

  • Email Your Customers – It’s that simple! Send out an email blast to your customer list letting them know you’re now on Facebook and invite them to come over and “like” your page. Let them know that by being a part of your Facebook community they will be the first to know about special fan deals, Facebook only offers and other incentives reserved just for your followers.
  • Add an Icon – Add the Facebook icon to your website that clicks through to your Facebook page. I know I’m one of these guys who looks for the social media icons on stores and websites so I can click through and be one of their followers. Typically icons are placed either in your store’s header, footer or underneath your navigation bars. Don’t forget to include the link on your blog as well!
  • Email Signatures – You and your employees probably send out a good amount of email each day. Take advantage of that by adding a link to your store’s Facebook page in your email signature. These days, a link to your Facebook page is just as important as a link to your website.
  • Speak it! – If you have an auto attendant that greets callers when they dial in, consider adding a “be sure to visit us on Facebook” line to your script. Another way to get the word out it to ask your customer service representatives to remind customers on each call to head over to Facebook and give your page a “like.”

Once you’re Facebook fan base starts growing, it’s time to keep them engaged. I recommend businesses post to their company’s Facebook page at least once a day. If you don’t have the bandwidth to do that, post at least three times a week or talk to us about our managed Facebook service.

When it comes to posting, you want to create unique content that your visitors will find helpful, informational, and fun! You want your posts to grab your follower’s attention so they will engage, comment and hopefully share with their network of friends.

One word of caution with content… don’t oversell! Nobody likes to see every post from a business be a sales pitch. Sure you can announce new products, share a demo video and promote the big sale you’re having, but don’t over do it. Take time to post about the group of employees who went bowling last night, the pizza party you had for the warehouse team, a great review you got from a customer and fun things going on within your company.

It’s important that you continually keep growing your fan base so your reach spreads. The ideas I shared above are great for kicking off your new Facebook page, but you need to keep that momentum going year round, and I’ve got just the thing that can help.

Straight out of the Solid Cactus development lab is a new product designed to help grow your fan base, appropriately called “Get Me Likes.” This is a feature I’m really excited about, as it’s a cost-effective way to get current and potential customers to become one of your Facebook fans.

Here’s how it works. We install code on your store that teases visitors, in an unobtrusive way, to give your Facebook page a “like” in exchange for a coupon code they can use right away. They click on the little teaser window, it opens up, they click the “like” button and they’re given the code. Once they close the window, the widget disappears and it won’t prompt them again.

You get a fan, your fan gets a discount, and you get a sale!

What can be better than that?

If you’re running your store on Yahoo! Small Business, Network Solutions eCommerce, Monster Commerce or 1ShoppingCart Stores, we can install Get Me Likes for only $199. We have three different standard versions you can choose from, or for just $399, we can style Get Me Likes to match the unique look and feel of your store.

Like I said earlier, there’s no better time than now to start building your fan base so you can market to them during the holiday shopping season. Watch the demo video below, and contact us at 1.888.361.9814 to have Get Me Likes installed on your store.

See you on Facebook!

Scott Sanfilippo is co-founder of Solid Cactus and spends way more time on Facebook than he will admit. When he’s not posting pictures of what he had for lunch, you’ll find him sharing his decades of eCommerce experience with our top clients to help them become successful online.  Click here to become one of his Facebook friends.

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How Cactus Connects You and Your Customers

Monday, September 12th, 2011

If you’re not marketing to your existing client base, you’re missing out on HUGE revenue opportunities! Customers who have previously ordered from you have already had a wonderful experience and you don’t want them to forget who you are.

To reach these already engaged customers you need a robust email marketing tool. Join email marketing experts Brian Emershaw and Jeff Stolarcyk, and Solid Cactus Co-Founder Scott Sanfilippo, on September 14 at 2 p.m. ET for a webinar that will take you on a short journey through Cactus Connect, showing you how simple it is to reconnect with your customers.

Unleashing the power of truly focused email campaigns by targeting specific customers with specific promotions related to them is the key to email marketing success. Any business owner should have the power of smart automation at their fingertips by using a few simple rules to put their customers on just the right list with a great email marketing tool, like Cactus Connect.

We’ll review Cactus Connect software and how to:
• Connect to your store
• Set up list segments and get the right email to the right customers
• Set rules in place that automatically put customers into the appropriate lists
• Import a list of customers
• Pick a template from our professionally designed template gallery
• Create and send your first broadcast message

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New Yahoo! Store Features have Blossomed

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Spring is in full swing at Solid Cactus and our developers have been hard at work creating fresh features to grow your Yahoo! Store.

Join Scott Sanfilippo on Wednesday, May 11th at 2 pm ET for a New Products for Yahoo! Store webinar where Solid Cactus will reveal three brand new, just released features!

These innovative features will:

  • Highlight your products
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Increase order size
  • and more!

And attendees of the webinar will receive special savings on these new features, offered through the month of May!

Along with unveiling these new features, we’re also going to introduce you to buySAFE®, and what they do to provide your store an added sense of security and trust that will keep your customers safe, happy, and of course, coming back.

The sky is blue, the flowers are in bloom, and with our new features your sales will grow too! Don’t miss out on hearing about all the new features. Take a look at the new features!