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New Yahoo! Store Features have Blossomed

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Spring is in full swing at Solid Cactus and our developers have been hard at work creating fresh features to grow your Yahoo! Store.

Join Scott Sanfilippo on Wednesday, May 11th at 2 pm ET for a New Products for Yahoo! Store webinar where Solid Cactus will reveal three brand new, just released features!

These innovative features will:

  • Highlight your products
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Increase order size
  • and more!

And attendees of the webinar will receive special savings on these new features, offered through the month of May!

Along with unveiling these new features, we’re also going to introduce you to buySAFE®, and what they do to provide your store an added sense of security and trust that will keep your customers safe, happy, and of course, coming back.

The sky is blue, the flowers are in bloom, and with our new features your sales will grow too! Don’t miss out on hearing about all the new features. Take a look at the new features!


Two for One Recap: Email Marketing and Cactus Connect

Friday, April 29th, 2011

Day two of Solid Cactus eCommerce Boot Camp wrapped up with two great presentations focused on email marketing. The first was an email deconstruction led by email marketing gurus Michelle Johnson and Jeff Stolarcyk. They walked attendees through some of the dos and don’ts of email marketing in the best way possible: they looked at some real emails and talked about what was right and what was, well, not-so-right.

Email basics
• When you’re creating an email template, Johnson and Stolarcyk stress that you should preserve the logo of your site. In other words, the email should look and feel like your website. This way, recipients will be able to make the connection easily.
• Be sure to put a call to action in your images. When people get your email, they need to know what to do with it!
• Limit your emails to one to two ideas. This keeps everything streamlined and focused. It’s more effective that way.
• Many people don’t feel like scrolling through emails. Put the important information at the top. (more…)


Which Mobile Platforms Are on the Rise?

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Out of all the major Smartphone platforms that are out there and in use, which is the best? Which is rising to the top and which will soon be non-existent? And better yet, why are these questions important to you?

Mobile commerce is growing, and growing. An eCommerce store owner should also have a mobile-friendly site and checkout to prepare for shoppers on the go. Many businesses are also creating apps for their business that expands their customer reach even further. To do this, you should know what platforms are dominating. (more…)


Have You Mobile Shopped Yet?

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Mobile commerce is growing and this holiday season, mobile phones have become an incredibly useful shopping tool for consumers. The National Retail Federation is reporting that one-forth of Americans will use a mobile device to shop for gifts, compare prices and research products during the holiday shopping season.

When I first started hearing about the popularity of mobile commerce, I must admit I was skeptical. Are people in such a hurry to shop that they’re going to do it over their mobile phone instead of their home computer? I didn’t think it would be a necessity or a convenience until I tried it out for myself and I am certainly a believer in mobile commerce and its effectiveness now. (more…)


mCommerce and other Solid Cactus eCommerce improvements

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

november-SCeC-releaseRing! Ring! Ring! Ring! mCommerce is calling, are you ready to pick up your mobile site? Solid Cactus eCommerce developers have been hard at work with November’s improvements for your eCommerce store. Among those changes are improvements to coupon codes, expansion of comparison shopping feeds and store management.

Check out the mCommerce possibilities

The mCommerce release can be yours with just one click. The versatile design supports not one or two but all smartphone devices by growing and shrinking based on the size and orientation of the screen. Customers will instantly recognize your mobile site as part of your store when you use the customization available to develop your mobile store branding. Create custom banners, navigation or even choose and create your own store theme. Determine the text display for the site header and homepage banner and footer.