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Scott Sanfilippo Celebrates Another Company Milestone with Launch of

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Click to visit Napkins.comSince I co-founded Solid Cactus in 2001, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with hundreds of eCommerce store owners. Some have faded away, victims of competition or the economy, while others have weathered the storms and went on to become some of our nation’s largest etailers.

When I see them written up in trade magazines or featured on national television, I always feel a sense of pride knowing that at some point in their history, the Solid Cactus team contributed in some small way to their online success.

Each week, I publish an internal newsletter that goes out to our entire staff. Department managers contribute news items such as kudos, employee stories, events going on within their group, fun stuff that makes Cactus, well… Cactus! Another thing I include is a list of the week’s new store launches and redesigns.

One this week caught my eye.

First thing I though of was, “Wow, that’s a great domain name, let me check out the site.”

As I clicked away, I saw it belonged to a long time Solid Cactus client who we’ve had the opportunity to work with for the past six years – Edward Hechter started his online venture after spending several years working for Solid Cactus’ parent company He realized that owning his own business was something he wanted to do, but whatever he started had to be fun!

He and his wife Lisa opened their party supply and paper goods site and like many small business owners, filled orders from their garage before moving into larger quarters as their business grew. In Party Pail’s case, the company moved four times before settling into their current 11,000 square foot warehouse where 25+ employees pick, pack and ship nearly 10,000 orders a month.

As the company grew, so did the number of sites under the Party Pail umbrella. The growth they experienced caught the eye of paper goods manufacturer, Hoffmaster Group, and in 2012 Hoffmaster acquired the online empire Edward and Lisa started from their kitchen table.

Today, Edward’s vision guides the company’s eCommerce strategy as more online stores are added to the mix – the latest being

After visiting the new site, I emailed Edward to congratulate him on the launch and to find out what was behind the niche site that sells disposable tableware to commercial clients. “We are seeking to create a B2B e-commerce site with a focus on meeting the needs of Foodservice, Restaurant, Catering, and Event Planning professionals. The paper goods and party business has tended to put its focus on selling product in “retail package” quantities, and they tend to merchandise products in a way that isn’t useful for corporate and business clients. We wanted to change that by creating a site that is easy to navigate, and has product merchandised in wholesale / trade quantities, organized the way these types of clients would want to see them,” according to Edward.

When it came to designing the site, Edward’s years of experience helped the Solid Cactus design team come up with a look and feel he felt would be beneficial for his customers while maintaining best practices. “We wanted to design a site where the user experience would work well on both desktop and mobile devices, and made it easy for customers to see all coordinating items within a product category, and purchase with the minimum number of keystrokes and mouse clicks / finger taps,” Edward said. is the 10th major design project Edward has done with Solid Cactus and he’s not stopping there. “The entire team has been been exceptional to work with, and we have two more projects already signed and ready to work on with this great team.”

It’s stories like this that makes me proud of what we’ve built, knowing that with each new or redesigned online store we deliver, we’re leading the owner down the path of eCommerce success.

Scott Sanfilippo is Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador for Solid Cactus and has nearly two decades of eCommerce experience dating back to 1994 when he opened his first online store, Since then Scott has owned 39 online stores and has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve their own online success.


“Sharper” eCommerce Results with Solid Cactus

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

Selling the sharpest looking uniforms requires an even sharper looking website. When his previous developer fell short, Averill Bromfield took his online store,, to Solid Cactus for a design and marketing overhaul.

“The development team at Solid Cactus can make anything happen. They jump through hoops for their clients.”– Averill Bromfield, president of Averill’s Sharper Uniforms

For five years, Averill’s Sharper Uniforms has been providing high quality uniforms to restaurants, hotels, casinos and other hospitality industy establishments throughout the country. Three years ago, president Averill Bromfield hired Solid Cactus to redesign his eCommerce store. Increased traffic and sales made Bromfield a very happy business man, so happy that he began utilizing Solid Cactus’ Internet marketing team to continue his success. (more…)


Trust in the Outside Experts

Monday, January 10th, 2011

Pam Macharola can recognize a sweet deal, after all she’s worked in candy almost all her life. So while her Internet marketing efforts weren’t exactly milk duds, having managed services turned out to be a real sugary deal.

Blair-candy_logoWe let Solid Cactus as the experts run it for us so we don’t waste money or make a wrong move.” —Pam Macharola,

Blair Candy has been selling online since 2000, but the family owned and operated business began as a brick and mortar store (retail and wholesale) in 1939. Pam Macharola, third generation co-owner and Internet division president stays on top of the changing trends in Internet marketing.

Macharola says the company looked into Solid Cactus when they first entered eCommerce to help with their initial website that was unfortunately not “built to sell.” Solid Cactus started from the bottom up, redesigning and programming a new site. Since then, Blair Candy has added several managed Solid Cactus services including pay per click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), and comparison shopping engines (CSE). (more…)

Healthy solutions for a healthy site

Monday, December 20th, 2010

K9healthsolutions_logoThe healthy solution for Jeff’s dog turned out to be Dinovite. Jeff’s decision to get his paws wet in eCommerce by becoming a reseller of the product and hiring Solid Cactus for Internet marketing management was more than a healthy solution, it was a profitable one!

“It was a real easy way to get started, to get our company name out there.” - Jeff Button, owner of K-9 Health Solutions.

When Jeff Button’s dog Rakker began suffering from severe digestive issues, the solution was Dinovite, a canine health supplement. When Button saw there were openings to become resellers of the product he decided to start K-9 Health Solutions three years ago. Button had heard of Dinovite from a coworker, but getting the word out about his online business wouldn’t be as easy as word of mouth marketing. (more…)


Saving time for businesses on the move

Tuesday, December 7th, 2010

Traveling to locations that may or may not have Internet access makes it difficult for Winton Churchill of Barefoot Consultants to send emails and process orders. All the traveling he’s required to do leaves him short on time and resources to back end manage his business. Thankfully, Solid Cactus Call Center is there to handle all order processing from back in the states!

“The advantage of Solid Cactus is that we have a number so our clients can call …anytime during business hours in the United States and have someone to take care of them.” -Winton Churchill, Barefoot Consultants

Barefoot Consultants keeps Winton Churchill on the road and in the skies, in all traveling a tentative 50,000 miles to five yearly seminars held in association with International Living, a publication specializing in travel and retirement destinations. In the past six months he’s already traveled 32,000 miles. Traveling internationally leaves Churchill short on time and limits him and his staff technologically. (more…)