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Fine Tune Your Internet Marketing for the Holiday Season, Sign Up for our Free Webinar Today!

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

webinarAs an eCommerce store owner, you spend a lot of money on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising every year. Not to mention what is spent on comparison shopping engines (CSEs), email marketing, social media and search engine optimization (SEO). Each one of these marketing channels should be providing you with a positive return on investment if they are functioning like a well-oiled machine and working together towards a common goal.

However, many store owners don’t understand how each of these channels can (and should) be playing off one another so they contribute to bottom-line success.

If you’re one of them, I’d like you to join me and a team of our marketing experts for a free webinar on multi-channel marketing called, “Marketing that Works Together, Works for You!” During this hour-long session, Robyn Snyder, Lauren Carey, Jaclyn Rudeski and Jeff Stolarcyk will dive into the synergies that exist within the different channels and how you can maximize their overall effectiveness in your marketing plan not only for the upcoming holiday, but for the new year.

I promise the hour will be well spent, fun, conversational and packed with information you can use to grow your online business. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to pick the brains of our experts during a question and answer session that immediately follows the presentation, so get your questions ready!


When: Wednesday, September 25, 2013
Time: 2:00 – 3:00pm Eastern Time
Where: GoToWebinar – Sign up


Webinar Host 

 Scott Sanfilippo Scott Sanfilippo
Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador, Solid Cactus


Panel of Internet Marketing Experts 

 Robyn Snyder Robyn Snyder
Director of Internet Marketing CSE/PPC
  Jaclyn Rudeski
CSE Manager
 Lauren Carey Lauren Carey
SEO Manager
  Jeff Stolarcyk
Email Marketing Supervisor

Sign up to attend this free webinar today, and I’ll see you on the 25th!

Scott Sanfilippo is Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador for Solid Cactus and has nearly two decades of eCommerce experience dating back to 1994 when he opened his first online store, Since then Scott has owned 39 online stores and has assisted hundreds of entrepreneurs achieve their own online success.  


Track this Trending Brand Builder: Using Tumblr for your Business

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Just another kid’s social media site or a robust blogging platform? Tumblr is pegged as the can’t miss social brand of the year. Now in its fifth year, Tumblr has 55% year over year growth and was given a 1 billion price tag in a purchase by Yahoo! – but none of these are the reason you should be testing the waters of this micro-blogging site.

Unlike most social networks that emphasize your existing connections, putting you in touch with old high school friends or facilitating networking, Tumblr has the potential to open your brand up to new and interested individuals you don’t already know.

Instant Audience. Hashtags are the pulse of Tumblr. Unlike buying Likes on Facebook or waiting to get a following on Twitter, the right hashtags effectively put your content in someone’s view. This self built, ready audience scrolls through feeds and tracked hashtags.

Personality based. It’s an ideal place to build your brand and develop the personality that sets you apart from your competitors.

Less time investment. Like Pinterest, Tumblr has a great payoff for the time investment, without the upkeep of Facebook or time demands of Twitter.

Easy to use.  Posting is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Unlike WordPress it allows you to add your posts to a queue, so they will automatically post as many times a day as you’d like.

Blast it. Synced to Facebook and Twitter, you can choose which posts are worth sharing to other networks, keeping you more sociable there as well.

Replaced the RSS. So many RSS feeds are ignored, as people choose to check in with their social media feeds instead. Tumblr is one of these feeds.

SEO Friendly. Tumblr uses followed links and the content and images are indexed by search engines.

Marketing friendly. Ad any marketing language, site ads or eve Google Adsense ads to your Tumblr blog design. Since the launch of ad products such as the Sponsored Posts in 2012, the views have continued to climb.

Branded. Dozens of basic, free templates allow you to make a clean looking blog with your own custom header or background images.

Self hosted, free to use and free of ads,Tumblr provides a way to showcase the best visually appealing elements of your business or brand, without investing too much time or resources.

Who needs to be on Tumblr? Certain businesses are better suited for this social site. Tumblr may be the place for your brand if you:

  • Sell a visually appealing product or service.
  • Cater to a 18-34 year old demographic.
  • Have something to say – not just a sales message.
  • Want to build your brand.

What can you do on Tumblr? Besides promoting your brand, a few ideas that your customers will identify with include:

  • Utilizing user generated content, like  and
  • Showing off the positive results of using your product. Air Canada’s Tumblr is a good example of how it’s not about the product, but the destination – and even story like American Express’s #PassionProject.
  • Spreading the word about your other content. Repost your blog posts or sales to an audience that is listening, liking and reblogging.
  • Making many memes to promote the benefits and fun side of anything with a witty caption.
  • Reposting other great, relatable content like to build your presence.

Tumblr is a growing market – to not try it out means missing out on the next WordPress, Facebook or Twitter. Get a taste of what other brands are doing on Tumblr to inspire your first posts. If you think Tumblr is for you, get in touch with one of our social media specialists today for assistance in setting up and managing your first Tumblr blog!

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Expanding Your Brand is Hotter than Ever… Don’t Wait and Don’t Get Burned!

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

This week has been one of the biggest weeks out of the year for digital advertising with the Digitas NewFront taking place in New York City.  This event is known for brands, inventors, artists, and other people who are focused on evolving digital content to a larger scale through new and exciting ventures that have not been seen before.

Solid Cactus was fortunate to be one of those in attendance at this year’s 2nd Annual  Yahoo! NewFront 2013 event in NYC which took place on April 29th. The focus of this year’s show was “Your Brand is Alive.” We explored how using social media tools now will benefit your company in new ways and leave you with competitive advantage.

The night was filled with celebrity appearances from the likes of John Stamos and Ed Helms, all of whom were driving their brand focus on digital media and the importance of its relevance to their current careers. The information highlighted the new lineup of video shows, new partnerships through content offerings, and new opportunities for advertisers to be at the center of users’ daily habits through Yahoo!. Musical performances followed through the evening, but the entertainment was only part of the mix of the event’s true focus:  Content Display Branding

Put your ads in-stream and stay at the forefront!

To help with these goals, Yahoo! launched two new advertiser opportunities.

The first new advertising opportunity consists of a new native ad product called “in-stream ads,” which will target across desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms, while being at the center of users’ daily habits through a personalized content stream on the new Yahoo! homepage.

These in-stream ads on Yahoo! will help reach out to consumers not attended to before, along with more possibilities for brand exposure and partnerships through 18 channels of contextually relevant content.  Ads will focus on being more relevant and personalized through content advertising for each individual user. Ads will relate to the page content being seen at that current time.

Do you see a future for your business with in-stream ads?

Thursday Internet Marketing Rundown

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Just In: Google Analytics has separated out Data Hub Activity and Trackbacks. See inbound links to your site and what they’re linking to. It’s not entirely perfect, you can see the number of visits from that link for instance, but not sort by that or any other information.

Fingers crossed you will soon! For a full list of recently detected links detected to your site, use Google’s Webmaster tools.

Similarly, SEOmoz has launched Freshscape Explorer will allow you to do compare links as well as mentions to your domain from its 30 day index of 4.3 million feeds.

It allows for competitive research and the ability to track keywords. (FYI this tool is part of their paid package.)

Image via Google’s Analytics Advocate, Justin Cutroni

Don’t Miss: Worried about word count? Size doesn’t matter in site content. It’s what you do with it. As John Douherty explains, everything that is written on your site should provide value, be better than your competitors, and be intriguing. Content is most often linked when it is longer than average, contains video or images, or better yet both. Including easy to understand Harry Potter and donuts references, this is a must read for anyone concerned about content on Distilled.

Ten Second Tip

Want a quick and easy answer from Google? With The Short Cutts you can find a brief synopsis of a video from Google’s Matt Cutts. However, it’s not the The Clear Cutts – so while it’s the closest you can get to answer, it still doesn’t make Google’s guidelines crystal clear. More on this at

Keep an Eye on: Facebook vs Twitter #Feuds Facebook works to become #hashtag friendly. If successful, this means users will be able to see at a glance which topics are trending and being discussed on Twitter. More on this at the WSJ Online. Those of you broadcasting sales, URL’s and phone numbers in your cover image can breathe a sigh of relief. Your Business Page cover image can now legally contain calls to action with Facebook’s laxer regulations as explained in Both moves bode well for brands!

Klout Guns for Brands

If you like social media, you may want a little Klout. In response to LinkedIn’s ‘recommendations’ Klout has launched a business portal. Sign up now to make sure your brand is ready to mark out its little space in digital real estate. Read more about this move on CNN.

What Actually Matters in Meta Tags

Forget meta keywords – and not just because they carry no value – meta tags are the smartphone of business world. You can’t live without one for long. “More than 50% of businesses either don’t have a Meta Description or have one that is too long. Your first step to winning is to get in the game and follow the basic rules.” says Rivaliq.

Solid Cactus Finds
Our team discovers and share a lot of great resources every day. Here are a few great links to check out from our talented Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization team!

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Party On: How A Twitter Party Can Help You Engage With Your Followers

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

If you’re using Twitter for your business, you know that the most important thing to do is engage your audience. Engage, engage, engage. Twitter has become so much more than a place for little mindless Tweets about what you ate for breakfast or how long the line is at the DMV. Businesses can use Twitter to really make an impact on their customers’ lives. A great way to do that is to have a Twitter Party.

So what’s a Twitter Party? A Twitter Party is (sadly) not quite as fun as it sounds. There aren’t any streamers, balloons, drinks, or cake—but your business can come out of the event with a whole new energy. In simple terms, a Twitter Party is when a particular handle on Twitter (in this case, that would be your business) sets a particular date and time to address a particular topic. That’s a lot of particulars, so let’s look at an example.

Let’s say your small business sells barware and accessories. You could have a mixologist or other expert on-hand to co-host the Twitter Party. They could share drink mixing tips, thoughts about drink recipes, and other related information. (It’s a party, right?)

This benefits your audience because they can follow the hashtag, participate, ask questions, and learn more about your business.

So you want to have a Twitter Party?

  • First thing is first, you need to make sure you have a consistent hashtag for the party. This will make it easy for your followers to participate. For instance, if you’re having a Twitter Party about barware, you could use hashtags like #barwarechat or #barwareparty. Use the same hashtag consistently throughout the party.
  • You can engage your fans by inviting experts in your industry to co-host, participate, and increase the reach of your party. After all, this is all about sharing information and broadening the audience for your business.
  • Before the Twitter Party, ask your Twitter followers what they want to know. If someone asked a question, they’ll be looking for the answer in your Twitter Party. If they have something to look forward to, they’re more likely to remember to participate. (Kind of like a cliffhanger at the end of a TV episode.)
  • It’s a party, remember. You have to mingle. Nobody likes that person at the party that just keeps blabbing and doesn’t let anyone else get a word in edgewise. Ask questions, answer questions, than people, retweet information… keep it lively!
  • After the Twitter Party is over, you can post the chat transcripts on your website or blog. This way, you can share the information with people that might not have been able to participate.

If this seems like a lot of information to digest at once—don’t worry about it. Ease yourself into it by participating in some chats first. That way, you can see how other people run their chats and get a better feel for the process.

Social media management has so many different components, and this is just one way to keep your fans, followers, and customers engaged. And, honestly… Who doesn’t love a good party?