Consumers Spend Big Online – Issue 67

eCommerce spending on the rise for the 6th consecutive quarter

Yahoo! debuts new instant search product

On Wednesday comScore released its eCommerce sales estimates for quarter one of 2011. Total online spending for the first three months of the year totaled an estimated $38 billion, up 12% from the first quarter in 2010. The rise in sales this quarter continues a winning streak for online merchants. This marks the sixth quarter in a row that showed year-over-year growth, the second of double digit growth. “Faced with rapidly rising gas prices and stubbornly high unemployment, consumers continued to take advantage of the Internet’s lower prices by shifting their spending from offline retail stores,” said comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni. Although there was a decline when it came to the amount spent on a transaction, the number of buyers and number of transactions per buyer increased. MasterCard also reported increases in spending, although there numbers were slightly more positive than comScore.

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Sales of physical goods through online social networks will grow by 93% per year in the U.S. reaching $14 billion by 2015.-Booz & Co. New Products for Yahoo! Stores
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Social Media

Are Your Posts Getting Noticed in the News Feed?
Facebook is a great marketing tool, this we already know but what we don’t know is how Facebook determines what posts get put up in particular member’s new feeds. People usually accept more friends, like more brands and celebrities than they can keep up with so how can you be sure your posts are getting the attention they deserve? Take a look at the EdgeRank Algorithm, finally explained, that Facebook uses to determine this. Read more.
How to Build a Social Media Monitoring Dashboard, For Free!
If you’re on multiple social media sites in order to market your business, monitoring your efforts is vital. But being on multiple sites also means it’s a lot more to manage, and can sometimes be confusing or overwhelming. There are a lot of paid options out there, but do you really want another expense? Social Media Examiner has created an article showing you how to create a social media monitoring dashboard at no cost to you.
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eCommerce Marketing

6 Tips from the ‘Monster’ of Fame
When you’ve reached 10 million followers on Twitter and 33.7 million fans on Facebook, you know you have arrived. Lady Gaga certainly has arrived and made her name a staple in pop culture. She accomplished this because she knows exactly how to market herself in a crowded market, and has continually done so successfully. So what can she teach us about marketing? Take a look at these 6 tips that can help you become a marketing star. Read more.
Crazy or Brilliant? 3 Unique Marketing Ideas
What’s the craziest thing you’ve done lately? To your marketing that is. Are you looking to really spice up you marketing strategy but aren’t quite sure how to do it? You want to be the unique business that pulls off a really great idea, but haven’t thought of that idea yet. Practical eCommerce did the work for you and came up with a few crazy ideas to get you started. Read more.

General eCommerce Business

Possible Facebook Gain with Microsoft Purchase of Skype
Before the announcement that Microsoft had purchased Skype on Tuesday, rumors were circling that both Google and Facebook wanted a shot at the buy. The deal is complete but one of these two could still benefit from the sale. Facebook and Microsoft have been buddy-buddy since 2006 which could open the doors for Facebook to utilize Skype software, which would make it a better service and more of a “communications nexus”. Read more.
21 Ways to Create Persuasive Content
Sometimes it’s difficult to sit down and create really compelling content for a website. You may sit there for hours feeling completely clueless on how you should be describing your products or explaining your business. Instead of using the boring old manufacturer’s descriptions, use some or all of these 21 tips and start grabbing your shoppers’ attention. Read more.

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