Customer Service Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed

When you're smiling, the customer smiles with you!

When you’re smiling, the customer smiles with you!

A happy, satisfied customer is likely to return to your business and tell others about the good experience they had when dealing with your company.  Word of mouth recommendations from friends and colleagues are very valuable. Let’s look at a few ways  you can make a difference with customers.

  • Smile – Smiles are contagious – If you are talking to somebody on the telephone, then you can still smile! Your voice sounds different when you smile and are happy.  Clients and customers are more likely to want to talk to a cheerful person with an enthusiastic personality, and by smiling while you talk you can help to project this.
  • Make the customer feel welcome – Using an appropriate greeting to make your customer feel welcome is important.  Starting off the call with a positive, warm, and sincere welcome indicates that you are there to help and that you are happy to do so. “Good morning,” and “I will be glad to help you with this,” are just some ways to welcome customers.
  • Attentiveness -   Giving your full attention to the customer and listening is so crucial for providing great service. When it comes to important points that you need to relay clearly to customers, keep it simple and leave nothing to doubt. Repeat to show that you are listening and care and that you want to help.
  • Positive language is a great way to avoid accidental conflicts due to miscommunication. While the actionable change here may be subtle, the effects are quite drastic. Let’s say that one of your products is backordered for a month and you need to relay this information to a customer. Consider the following responses:

Not positive language: “I can’t get you that product until next month; it is back-ordered and unavailable at this time.”
Positive language: “That product will be available next month. I can place the order for you right now and make sure that it is sent to you as soon as it reaches our warehouse.”

Directing the conversation away from the negative aspects and instead focusing on the proposed solution helps customers accept the situation and reduces the odds that they will be upset.

  • When closing the call it is always best to let the customer hang up first. This is a simple courtesy, plus it gives the caller a final chance to add something.  Some positive warm closing statements are:  “Thank you for your order!” Remember to always ask “Is there anything else that I can help you with?” “I enjoyed talking with you.” …There are many positive closings.

Your goal for good customer service is to have the customer leave the call feeling appreciated. Make sure they feel to be a valued and satisfied customer.  The best way to make customers happy is for them to feel like their money is being well-spent, not only on your service, but upon choosing you over competition.  A happy customer is more likely to return and tell friends of the great customer care!

“In the world of Internet Customer Service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away.”Doug Warner

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