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Solid Cactus eCommerce combines all the tools that you need to build a successful business online into one powerful solution. There are more built-in ways to market and sell your products than any other ecommerce platform & shopping cart system on the market.

Drive Traffic

Drive Traffic & Lots of It

With more built in marketing tools than any other ecommerce solution, Solid Cactus eCommerce is an SEO friendly shopping cart solution that makes it easy to drive traffic to your website. Your account comes with built-in tools for email marketing including autoresponders, affiliate marketing, comparison shopping feeds and social media tools.

Convert Sales

Convert Visitors & Make $

Your Solid Cactus eCommerce account includes a variety of tools that help you convert casual visitors into paying customers. There are many tools that are not only designed to generate sales, but are also designed to increase the average order size. You can cross-sell, up-sell (including one click up-selling), capture subscriptions and customize the checkout for maximum conversions.

Retain Customers

Retain & Re-market for More $$$

Relationships are a key component to building a successful business online. You need tools that not only help you maintain those relationships, but maximize them. With Solid Cactus eCommerce you can retain & re-market your customers easily and effectively with automated emails and campaigns. No other eCommerce solution can compare.

Shopping Cart

It’s not just a powerful shopping cart…

At the core of every online store is a ecommerce shopping cart system – a way for online shoppers to purchase products and make a secure transaction. We take this job very seriously and go above and beyond to provide the utmost security so shoppers feel safe and your business stays protected. Our efforts have allowed us to become one of the first shopping carts solutions to gain a PCI/CISP certifed status.

It’s the ultimate marketing machine.

We know you have many options when choosing a shopping cart system, but we wanted to offer more because your business needs more. With Solid Cactus’ ecommerce shopping cart, you not only get a secure and reliable ordering system, but you also get a customizable storefront and all the marketing features your business needs to succeed online.

Learn more about Solid Cactus eCommerce and the robust marketing features that make this the best shopping cart solution for growing an online business.

Highlights & Features


  • Template or Custom Design
  • SEO Friendly
  • 50+ Storefront Features
  • Reliable Web Hosting

Shopping Cart

  • SSL Security
  • PCI & CISP Compliant
  • Design Customization
  • Personal Domain (

Marketing Tools

  • Autoresponders
  • E-mail Campaigns
  • Affiliate Program
  • Comparison Shopping Feeds

Sales Tools

  • One Page Checkout
  • Cross Sell
  • Up Sell
  • Import & Export

Management Tools

  • Online Business
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Reporting & Analytics

Inventory Tools

  • Add & Remove Products
  • Sell Downloadable Products
  • Tracking
  • Import & Export

Shipping & Tax Tools

  • Real-Time Shipping Rates
  • UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL & Canada Post
  • Offer Free Shipping
  • Automatic Tax Calculation

Payment Processing

  • Authorize.Net Integration
  • Accept PayPal Payments
  • Save on Processing Fees (PowerPay)
  • Support for 50+ Payment Gateways


Successful eCommerce & Shopping Cart Formula

The problem with many ecommerce software solutions is that they don’t have the built-in tools that make it easy to grow an online business. The tools that are built-in typically focus on maintaining your business not GROWING your business. Experience tells us that there has to be a smarter way to build a successful business online.

To build a successful online business you need ONE administrative area to manage ALL aspects of your business.

With Solid Cactus eCommerce it is easy to customize and manage your ecommerce storefront, market and sell your products, manage all the orders and keep track of inventory because you can do it all from one administrative screen. Add to all of that ecommerce hosting, shopping cart software and shopping cart features that power your online store by giving you a secure, robust environment to grow your online business.

Custom Design

eCommerce Love

Brand Love

Branding is an important aspect to building a successful online business and that is why we fall in love with your brand. Our designers take great pride in incorporating your brand into the design of your eCommerce website so much so that you’ll be sure to feel the love.

Customer Love

Customer Care

Just as we care for your brand, we care for your customers also. That’s why all of our designers consider who your customers are and why they are coming to your site. We understand that without customers, you wouldn’t be in business. That’s important because they’re important.

eCommerce Conversions

Conversion Centric

A conversion centric design is a eCommerce web design that encourages visitors to purchase. We keep that in mind for each project we under-take. Whether you’re selling products or services, if visitors aren’t converting than you’ll be out of business. Work with us, and you’ll succeed in your business!

eCommerce Design Love

Timeless Design

We want you to love your ecommerce website design today, tomorrow and well into the future which is why we make sure each design focuses on your brand, customers and conversions. It’s a timeless formula that has generated millions of online revenue for most of our partners; it’s a formula that will work for you.

Client Examples

Cadeau Online
The Lasso Net
Margarita Shack
Black Tee Squad

About Us

Solid Cactus has a rich history, a claim not many Internet companies can make.

Solid Cactus stands out from other eCommerce software companies in many ways, but the distinction for which we’re most proud is that we were successful eCommerce business owners first.

eCommerce Design AwardIn 1994, our founders Scott Sanfilippo and Joe Palko launched one of the earliest eCommerce websites, That home-based endeavor exploded into a wildly-successful, multi-store company which eventually led to the spin-off of the eCommerce solution firm Solid Cactus in 2001. Solid Cactus quickly expanded into a total eCommerce solutions provider offering eCommerce website design and development on several leading platforms, as well as Internet marketing, call center services, order management, shipping solutions to nearly 4,000 online businesses. Further expanding its brand, Solid Cactus launched its own eCommerce shopping cart software solution, Solid Cactus eCommerce.

Committed to educating eCommerce business owners, Solid Cactus developed the print publication, eBiz InsiderĀ© The official magazine of Solid Cactus, regularly hosts informational webinars, and presents a semi-annual eCommerce Boot Camp, a three-day conference for online merchants. Continuing to share knowledge and help eCommerce businesses succeed, Solid Cactus team members regularly contribute articles to publications and speak at eCommerce, design and marketing events.

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