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eCommerce Love

Brand Love

Branding is an important aspect to building a successful online business and that is why we fall in love with your brand. Our designers take great pride in incorporating your brand into the design of your eCommerce website so much so that you’ll be sure to feel the love.

Customer Love

Customer Care

Just as we care for your brand, we care for your customers also. That’s why all of our designers consider who your customers are and why they are coming to your site. We understand that without customers, you wouldn’t be in business. That’s important because they’re important.

eCommerce Conversions

Conversion Centric

A conversion centric design is a eCommerce design that encourages visitors to purchase. We keep that in mind for each project we under-take. Whether you’re selling products or services, if visitors aren’t converting than you’ll be out of business. Work with us, and you’ll succeed in your business!

eCommerce Design Love

Timeless Design

We want you to love your design today, tomorrow and well into the future which is why we make sure each design focuses on your brand, customers and conversions. It’s a timeless formula that has generated millions of online revenue for most of our partners; it’s a formula that will work for you.

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Featured Clients

Just a few of the 3,000 businesses we’ve partnered with:
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Hear From A Few of Our Partners

“Thanks for the mock up. My first initial reaction? WOW! Night and day from what we have now– that’s in a good way. I will take a closer look at it and make any recommendations, but I just wanted to shoot you a quick email saying to you and your team that I am very happy with the initial look of the site. Great work!”
~ Matt, Payless Rugs

“Solid Cactus has really made my dreams come true…I am sincere when I say that you people have just done wonders for my feelings about customer service.”
~ Adele, Dell and Kim’s Tee-Party

“We like the new logo design and mock-up very much. Great job as usual! You obviously think things through very carefully and invest time trying to get into the soul of the client so you can understand what they represent (or what they want to represent). Annie and I are both very, very pleased and thank you for another great effort! You didn’t re-invent the wheel, you improved upon it.”
~ Gotham Gems

“WOW! That was fast! I can already tell I’m turning into a customization junkie. I love the work you guys do.”
~ Dinah, Liberty Bell Shop

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Client Examples

Black Forest Decor
Rock Gear
Titan Motorsports
Trick Shop Magic

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About Us

Solid Cactus has a rich history, a claim not many Internet companies can make.

Solid Cactus stands out from other eCommerce web site designers in many ways, but the distinction for which we’re most proud is that we were successful eCommerce business owners first.

eCommerce Design AwardIn 1994, our founders Scott Sanfilippo and Joe Palko launched one of the earliest eCommerce websites, That home-based endeavor exploded into a wildly-successful, multi-store company which eventually led to the spin-off of the eCommerce web design firm Solid Cactus in 2001. Solid Cactus quickly expanded into a total eCommerce solutions provider offering eCommerce website design and development on several leading platforms, as well as Internet marketing, call center services, order management, shipping solutions to nearly 4,000 online businesses. Further expanding its brand, in September 2009 Solid Cactus launched its own eCommerce solution, Solid Cactus eCommerce.

Committed to educating eCommerce business owners, Solid Cactus developed the print publication, eBiz Insider© The official magazine of Solid Cactus, regularly hosts informational webinars, and presents a semi-annual eCommerce Boot Camp, a three-day conference for online merchants. Continuing to share knowledge and help eCommerce businesses succeed, Solid Cactus team members regularly contribute articles to publications and speak at eCommerce, design and marketing events.

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