Facebook Changes – It’s Only the Beginning – Issue 87

Network’s biggest change is on the horizon

Facebook Stores Have Arrived

So the new Facebook has survived its first week – now what? The social network’s 800 million users are still trying to adjust to their new home page which is now composed of a real-time updating ticker, a modified news feed, subscriber functions, and more. Some are up in arms over the changes, but there is more to come. The most buzzed new feature is the new profile called Timeline. It is a completely new look and feel to your profile page which shows who you are and where you’ve been in depth. Your history will basically be on display for your friends. Apps will become a major part of the social experience and using media, like video or music, will be included. Find out what a new timeline profile looks like and what you can expect when the feature rolls out to all users.

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-Forrester Research, Inc.

Facebook Stores
eCommerce News of the Week

Holiday Marketing

6 Tips to Pump Up Your Holiday PPC
The holiday shopping season is here, even if it is still a little early for some to think about Christmas. For online merchants holiday marketing preparation should have started during the summer, but there are still things you can do to pump up your efforts even more. Maximizing your PPC advertising will help your profits grow and better prepare you for 2012. Take these six tips to boosting your PPC and get more sales this season. Read more.
Using Limited, Discount Offers This Season
Every shopper has his or her discounted price right? The price that makes them buy right then and there because they don’t want to pass it up. Using offers in your email marketing will spark customers interest and get them shopping – but what is the right offer? New research by Experian shows that limited-time discounts offering a certain percentage off seem to create the best returns. So how do other offers compare and how much traction are these discounts getting retailers? Read more.

Mobile Commerce

How to Design Your Mobile Product Pages
Mobile design is a little different from standard web design. Things need to look cleaner, simpler, and they need to be very easily navigable. Your product pages in particular need to inform and convince your customers to buy your products. Take a look at these mobile design tips from Get Elastic and get your mobile site perfected for the holidays. Read more.
Mobile Cart Design How-To’s
Each page of your mobile eCommerce site needs to be designed with different factors in mind. One of the most important of these pages is the cart page design. This is a crucial part of the shopping process when you actually get a confirmed order so you want to make sure it is easily usable to customers on the go. It needs to be simple, yet give all the important details a customer would be looking for. Check out these design and testing tips for your mobile cart page. Read more.

Social Media

Facebook Timeline to Humanize Business Pages
The new features and layout that Facebook unveiled just last week is still a hot topic. Not all the new features have been released yet and soon profiles will get a makeover with the Timeline feature. The Timeline was designed to make profiles more personal, more human. But for business pages, what does it mean and why is it going to be huge for so many brands? Read more.
6 Tips to Make Customers Like You
Businesses with social media profiles all strive to make customers fall in love with them, but how exactly can you do this? The same concept of falling in love with a person can be applied to falling in love with a brand. If your brand listens to customers and builds a trusting relationship with them, customers will be head over heals. Find out how to use social media to make customers fall for you. Read more.

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