Facebook Stores Have Arrived – Issue 86

Start Selling on the Social Media Giant

Facebook Stores Have Arrived

Facebook is a phenomenon in itself. With over 750 million users, it has become a vital and valuable tool for marketers to reach customers and potential customers. It helps spread the word about your brand, connect with customers and fans, and gives your business a more personal feel. Fans love to spend time on Facebook interacting with their friends and favorite brands – so what if you could sell to these fans who are already spending hours on the network? A brand new product from Solid Cactus allows you to do just this: introducing the new Facebook Stores. Now you can capture orders directly from Facebook without having to direct shoppers back to your original store site. Learn more about this revolution in social shopping and find out how to get your Facebook Store started.

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eCommerce News of the Week

Social Media

Embracing the New Facebook
On Thursday Facebook launched on entirely new look which changed the social network for good. Whether you love it or hate it, there is no going back for the social giant. The new platform is to help the company reach its current goal – becoming the social layer that supports, powers and connects every single piece of the web, no matter who or what it is. Learn more about these recent changes and why they were made. Read more.
6 Metrics for Measuring Social Media Impact on PR
If you’re using social media to support and grow your public relations efforts, you may be realizing that it is hard to show whether it is making a difference or not. Social media provides an outlet for you to increase your reach so news outlets can find you faster. Social media is quickly becoming the source for news and breaking stories and can be used to get the word out about your brand.
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General eCommerce Business

Tracking Phone Call Leads in Google Analytics
Google Analytics is an amazing tool for tracking leads coming in through your website. But for some retailers who have plenty of leads coming in by phone, tracking gets a bit more difficult – until now. Retailers can now track phone call leads through Google Analytics making it so much easier to tell how these leads are getting to your store. Find out more in this Econsultancy post. Read more.
Increased Delivery Control for Online Shopping
For many consumers, online shopping is highly convenient, but awaiting delivery of the products can often cause unnecessary headaches. Not knowing when packages will arrive or hanging around waiting for them to be delivered is less than ideal. UPS has created a new program starting on October 3 that will give consumers more control over when their packages will arrive. Check out the details of the new UPS My Choice program. Read more.

Selling Online

Perk Up Your Brand for Fall
A new season is here which means it is time to make your brand in sync with it. Fall is a great time of the year and can be useful for all brands, no matter what you are selling. There are ways to connect your products with the season – you just have to get creative. As consumers rely on fall promotions and special offers, you can capture their attention with festive promotions of your own. Read more.
Is Customer Hunting Hurting You?
Business has a lot in common with hunting or warfare. Many of the same terms are used – target market, strategy, tactics, campaigns. But is this a winning strategy in business? Are you actually loosing customers by trying to “capture” or “overpower” them? Find out what tactics can help your business and which can hurt in this Copyblogger post. Read more.

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