Facebook Unleashes New Deals – Issue 65

Is the coupon market too crowded?

An Economy on the Rise

On Tuesday, Facebook unveiled its new feature, Facebook Deals in five U.S. cities. Much like the already popular coupon services Groupon and Living Social, the new feature will offer Facebook users discounted prices or deals on products with limited availability on the social network. Facebook will receive a portion of every transaction completed through the new service. But is being a latecomer into the coupon game an issue? “It’s not about taking someone else’s business model and force-fitting in into Facebook. Ultimately, we’re providing what we hope is a really great user experience by looking at what people come to Facebook to do, and that’s interact with friends,” said Emily White, director of local products at Facebook.
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Social Media

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First You ‘Like’ It, Then You ‘Send’ It
It’s been one year since Facebook introduced the highly used “like” button. The “like” button gives businesses a way for their customers to show their support and help spread the word about their brand. Now Facebook is evolving even more by introducing the “send” button. The new button will allow you to share web pages or blogs with any Facebook Groups, friends, or email address. It will give users the ability to share content with who they specifically want to share it with instead of everyone on their friend list. Read more.

eCommerce Marketing

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Selling Online

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