Fall Updates for Your SCeC Store

Fall is here which marks the beginning of a very hectic, yet exciting time of the year for retailers. The holiday shopping season is right around the corner and as you prepare your online business for it, the team at Solid Cactus is releasing some new updates for your SCeC store. These updates will make not only provide a more customer-friendly experience for shoppers, but they will help you better manage your contact lists for smoother marketing.

New Contact Management Search Unveiled
Simple Search

The new simple contact search box allows you to find individual merchants fast. Enter any piece of contact information such as the name, email or address to locate a particular merchant. You can also further filter your results by simply adding another piece of information to your query.

Advanced Search
Advanced contact search provides full customization and control over your contact lists. Create a set of rules allowing for ultra-targeted lists for email marketing campaigns. For example, finding customers living in San Diego who spent $100 at your store within the past six months can be easily accomplished with advanced search. You can build your own contact filters and store them for later use.

Product Inscription/Personalization Options
This exciting new feature enables merchants to set product options allowing for custom text input by the customer making custom goods and products available. Merchants can now support things like engraving, monogramming, and inscriptions just in time for the upcoming holiday season.  Setup is completed using the same product option setup or uploading using the product options import.

One-Step Checkout
For merchants looking to streamline the checkout process, one-step checkout is now available. Instead of taking customers to the cart page first, having a one-step checkout takes them directly to the checkout page for fast, smooth payment.

Relocation of Product Options
The product options link, which used to be located in the settings tab, now has its own tab on the edit product details page making data both easier to find and work with.

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