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A new survey conducted by Internet Retailer describes the new outlook on Internet fraud among web merchants. The survey showed that fraud rates have increased for 24% of online retailers while it decreased for 13% of retailers. 63% said that fraud rates were the same from last year. Those who responded are taking extra precautions to help protect their business and customers from Internet fraud by manually reviewing suspicious orders. “Retailers must continue to find ways to promote a secure online experience as well as protect consumers’ information during and after a transaction is processed,” says Souheil Badran, senior vice president and general manager at Digital River World Payments. Find out what the fraud rates actually are for these web-based merchants.

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21% of top online retailers provide live human agents for customer service calls instead of making shoppers navigate the robotic voice prompts of automated systems.-Internet Retailer Boot Camp is Back!
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3 Ways to Increase Email Conversion Rates
Most adults have at least one email account nowadays. And most subscribe to at least one newsletter from their favorite brand. Email is a vital tool for merchants to reach their customers who are already familiar with their brand. But if your conversion rates aren’t what you’d like them to be, there are a few things you could be doing to boost them a bit. Check out these three quick tips to grow your email conversions.
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Store Design & Development

Thinking of a Redesign?
Retailers seem to be obsessed with redesigning their eCommerce sites. Yes, a redesign can be a great thing, giving your static store a fresh look that will attract new visitors and entice buyers. But how often is a redesign necessary and is it really going to grow your sales? With 67% having planned a redesign in 2010, it is clear that design is directly related to eCommerce success. Find out what you should consider when planning your next redesign. Read more.
Improve Your eCommerce Store in 5 Steps
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Social Media

Get Your LinkedIn Cheat Sheet
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The Legalities of Social Media Promotions
Promotions are a great way to increase interaction with your brand and get more traffic to your website. Who doesn’t like to win free stuff? While you’re planning your contest, sweepstake or lottery, did you think of how the law plays into them? It may seem like a simple matter, just giving away a product but there are rules and regulations that you must know about so your contest isn’t considered illegal. Read more.

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