Google+ Gears Up for Business – Issue 78

Business profiles with analytics launching in Q3

Google+ Gears Up for Business

Business owners will have to be patient for a little while longer, as Google announced that the Google+ experience will be launched for businesses in or shortly after Q3 of 2011. While some businesses have jumped the gun and are using their personal Google+ accounts for their business, they will soon find out that doing things this way was not the best idea. Google is not allowing these accounts to be migrated into a new business account so merchants will have to start at the beginning again. The new business-friendly model will include analytics and more sophisticated sharing options. “We want to give them the features businesses expect and the features that can improve the sharing experience both for consumers and businesses,” said a Google spokesperson.

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Nearly 40% of U.S. companies use blogs for marketing purposes.


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eCommerce News of the Week

General eCommerce Business

Do You Know How Big the eCommerce Industry is?
eCommerce may have started as a trend but it has turned into a dominant, billion dollar industry that gets stronger each year. It is important for eCommerce merchants to keep up with eCommerce and its vast history. Who shops online? What do they buy? Why do they prefer to shop online and are you catering to these needs? This infographic provides everything you need to know about a once budding, but now booming, online industry. Read more.
8 Tips to Convert Using Video
We have become an increasingly visual culture since the inception of television and the Internet. Most people would rather watch than read, especially when shopping online. You want to get a clear picture of the item you’re buying and sometimes that requires giving customers a more personal look at it. Since shoppers can’t physically hold an item and see it up close, videos give them a chance to get better acquainted with products so they feel more comfortable buying. Follow these eight tips to create amazing product videos that will help grow your sales.
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eCommerce Marketing

PPC Tweak in AdWords Cause 200% Increase in Leads
Leading an effective PPC campaign is based on how you manage clicks, conversions, and cost in Google AdWords. You want your conversions to increase as your cost is decreasing. Google AdWords added a new conversion bidding option in June to help you optimize your campaigns even more. You’ve always had automated bidding available on keywords based on clicks, but how has this changed and what can you do with it now? Read more.
What Can You Learn from Email Marketing Testing?
Testing your marketing can be a daunting and time consuming task that you really don’t look forward to doing. You may even think it’s pointless because of results you received in the past. But testing your email marketing is worth it and you can learn a lot from it, if it is performed correctly. Find out what you can do to perform better tests and how you can make those tests work for you in this blog post. Read more.

Holiday/Seasonal Preparation

Preparing for Product Return Negotiations
With the economy still in flux, retailers are having a difficult time preparing how much product they will need to keep in stock for the upcoming holiday season. Is it better to under-order worry about being out of stock early or have an over abundance and then have to deal with restocking fees from the manufacturer? Find out what some e-tailers are doing to prepare for Q4 and how you can negotiate product returns with your manufacturer when they are necessary. Read more.
A Look at Back to School Spending for 2011
Back to school shopping is starting earlier this year as commercials are already popping up on T.V. and promotional emails have already begun to fill our inboxes. The National Retail Federation completed an initial spending survey where they asked consumers what they will be spending this year and if it will be more or less than last. The survey also asked if they’ll be shopping online or in stores, and whether coupons and comparison shopping will make more of an impact this time around. Read more.

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