Have You Mobile Shopped Yet?

Mobile commerce is growing and this holiday season, mobile phones have become an incredibly useful shopping tool for consumers. The National Retail Federation is reporting that one-forth of Americans will use a mobile device to shop for gifts, compare prices and research products during the holiday shopping season.

When I first started hearing about the popularity of mobile commerce, I must admit I was skeptical. Are people in such a hurry to shop that they’re going to do it over their mobile phone instead of their home computer? I didn’t think it would be a necessity or a convenience until I tried it out for myself and I am certainly a believer in mobile commerce and its effectiveness now.

I’m a huge Express fan. I love their clothes and rarely shop anywhere else for my clothes. I wanted a dress that was no longer in stores and lucky for me it was on extra clearance online, only $23! But with the shipping it brought up the cost so I didn’t order it right away. I received an email from the company which read if you shopped on a mobile device you would receive free shipping. So I decided to check out the mobile Express site and I was pleasantly surprised. It was easy to use, had clear, high resolution photos of the items and a super-fast checkout. I bought my dress and received it less than a week later. I now realize why people are using their phones: less clutter on the sites, easy to navigate and it’s quick. What else could you ask for around the holidays?

Great photos made my mobile shopping experience even better.

I had another mobile experience while shopping for decorations this past weekend. I was at a crazy-busy store that I couldn’t stand being in any longer and decided to do some price checking on Wal-Mart’s mobile site since I was food shopping there next. It was easy to get prices on their trim-a-tree products and I decided to head over. How convenient to see prices from any store with a website instantly while you’re out shopping.

I’m now a big fan of mobile commerce and would recommend it to any merchant trying to cash in on consumers who get frustrated with crowded brick and mortar stores and want a simple, distraction free way to do their Christmas shopping.

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