Holiday Preparation Starts Now – Issue 77

Brand new, free webinar series for merchants

Holiday Webinar Series for Merchants

It’s hard to believe that half of 2011 is already behind us, but for retailers it can’t be ignored. The fall brings the most important time of the year for retailers: the holiday season. As consumers are still watching their budgets, holiday shopping comes earlier and earlier each year with some people having already started. This means retailers need to have their plans and promotions set and ready to go now. Planning in advance is what keeps your store busy and helps it make to most revenue during the biggest spending season. Because this is so important for retailers, Solid Cactus as part of the Web.com eCommerce Solutions Network has a brand new webinar series kicking off on July 27 to help merchants be as prepared as they can be for the upcoming season. From customer service insight, to Internet marketing tips, this series will cover what you need to do to increase traffic and boost your holiday sales.

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77% of deal buyers for Groupon, LivingSocial, Travelzoo, and BuyWithMe were new customers, all spent more than the deal’s value, and an average of 20% of these new customers became repeat customers.


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eCommerce News of the Week

Mobile Marketing

95% Open Rate for Text Message Marketing
It’s rare that people leave home without their cell phone these days. Everyone is always available and texting has become an immensely popular way to reach people. Because texting is such a big part of people’s lives already, text message marketing is a slam dunk for many retailers. The open rate is around 95% which is huge, and it also means that almost all messages are being read. Using this short and sweet marketing method could do wonders for your business. Learn more about how to start texting your customers. Read more.
Consumers Turn to Mobile for Email
Mobile usage for reading emails accounts for 30% of email openings. Mobile devices are the easy way to check your inbox on the go, so as you continue to email your customers, you’ll need to keep in mind that your emails may not be rendered to be mobile-friendly. Take a look at this informational infographic that gives stats on who is using mobile email and the emails they want to receive, which you’ll need in deciding if you need to mobile optimize your email campaigns.
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Store Design & Development

Optimize Your Site Search
There is nothing worse for a consumer who is using your site search to see that there are zero results found. Sometimes people have a product in mind, but they can’t remember or don’t know the exact name. You want these customers to find what they are looking for on your store, not a competitor’s. Learn what you can do to optimize your site search so that when people do see no results, you have a method in place to help them find what they are looking for. Read more.
25 Websites to Inspire Your Design
The design of an eCommerce store is crucial to that store’s success. And given that eCommerce stores are among the most difficult websites to design and program, it can be hard to get creative and really come up with an idea that demonstrates who you are and what you sell, and is easy for customers to shop on. Check out this list of 25 beautifully designed eCommerce websites and see if you get inspired. Read more.

Selling Online

Did E-Tailers Cause the Death of Borders?
Borders has recently announced that like some of its chain retailing predecessors Blockbuster, Circuit City and others, it to is permanently closing its doors. It is unfortunate to see any business go under during these times when everyone wants to see the economy and businesses bounce back, but it is unavoidable. Where did Borders go wrong? They had beautiful stores, great cafés in each to set the reading mood, and an incredible selection of the latest novels. Where they may have made their biggest mistake was on the web. Read more.
Google Credit Card for AdWords
Good news for advertisers who want to bump up their advertising budgets, but don’t exactly have the cash at that moment to do it. Google plans on offering AdWords users a new credit card issued by MasterCard with a low interest rate and no fee to help advertisers spend more on their campaigns. The card can only be used on AdWords, but it will help small businesses boost their sales for the holidays, with extra spending in advance. They can then use those higher holiday sales to pay back their ad spend later. Read more.

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