Improving SEO With A Search Agency Blogger Network

If you were to ask a site owner what the most difficult part of SEO is (besides writing unique content), you would probably get the response “link building”.  For a site owner, link building is an ongoing challenge that impacts many parts of their business. Links give a site exposure while also acting as a vote in confidence in a site. Links also factor into how well a site can rank in the search engines and they can be excellent vehicles for driving traffic. The difficult part of building links is building quality links that are targeted.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to go out and buy links. It’s easy to place a link on a totally irrelevant site because it’s cheap. It’s so much more difficult to find sites to work with that are relevant to your audience, are quality, and have the ability to boost both traffic and SEO. But unfortunately, many site owners do take the easy way out and they purchase links just for links sake. When done at an aggressive volume or when the links come from bad neighborhoods, you’ll likely see a decreased presence in Google – and that’s not the sort of thing you want to receive from one of the main drivers of traffic to your site.

One of the ways a site owner can build links effectively is by turning to bloggers. Now, “blogger relations” has long been an effective marketing tactic. You’ve likely heard stories about businesses sending bloggers products for review or hosting giveaways on other sites. Here’s a quick look at some places where you can learn more about this style of link building:

From a link building standpoint, these are awesome because you’re getting positive write ups, coverage, and links back from relevant, targeted sources. In fact it sounds really simple too.

Sounds simple enough right?

Unfortunately, these types of links are really hard to build and can be costly over time as you provide more incentives, try to find willing bloggers, and coordinate their efforts – so what’s a site owner to do?

There is another option that can yield links from blogs in a targeted, relevant manner.  Partnering with a professional search agency like Solid Cactus, can give you access to a network of bloggers to secure coverage for your site. These aren’t the traditional PR style links either, and you don’t have to offer incentives to get a great write up. Instead, they’re basic posts or overviews (think of them like advertorials) of a site on a blog that’s connected to your industry, from real bloggers.

Using a search agency and its blogger network eliminates most of the truly time consuming relationship building of traditional blogger relations. The search agency can leverage its existing network of bloggers to find and negotiate with relevant bloggers within your industry for you. They can give specific details and instructions  so that the coverage matches what you are looking for as well. Granted, you may not get a perfect post every time since these are real blogs with real people that run them at the other end. What you will get is something authentic, real and valuable, which is what ultimately, link building is all about.

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