Leaving Google Shopping Is A Terrible Move For The Holiday Season

You'll Shoot Your Eye Out!The holiday season is right around the corner, yes, you heard right, the holidays. So, now is the time to take the proper steps to prepare your online business for the busiest sales months of the year. Year after year, online comparison shopping is becoming more popular and common among consumers. One of the biggest comparison shopping engines and players in this game is Google Shopping.

Many merchants are apprehensive about the new Google Shopping changes and want to back out from these changes rather than embrace them. Although, spending is now involved, the new Google Shopping is really a great tool to control where your products will be listed among the results.

Like most other paid engines, you can bid on your campaigns to control where you would like your products to be listed on Google Shopping. Previously, results on Google Shopping were based on relevancy which was almost a random drawing of products placed in results. Having more control over where products are listed will ultimately help your sales.

Also, since many merchants are backing away from the new Google, you must make sure you are staying on board! Competition will be dropping and you can possibly be the new best possible result for consumers. By leaving Google you are giving your competitors an advantage and breaking down their competition. So let them leave, and you stick around to find all those lost customers! Because this transition is happening in October this is the most important time to be sticking around and picking up all those lost shoppers.

Google receives more traffic than most comparison shopping engines, especially other free ones, so you will be reaching a much larger consumer base by staying on Google. Also, just to get your products out there Google accepts penny bids on the Product Listing Ads, so you wouldn’t have high placement but you would still have the chance to be found in the results without spending nearly anything.

Another great thing about the new Google Shopping is the promotional text feature. This will really come in handy for the holidays! Promote a hot item you sell, free or fast shipping, etc. This is a great way to grab the attention of shoppers and make your products stand out about the others.

I hope I’ve persuaded you to stay on board with Google Shopping. Google’s Shopping engine is the most important one to be on especially for the holidays. We hope you have a successful and profitable holiday on Google Shopping!

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