New Releases for Solid Cactus eCommerce

August is here which means merchants are busy with back-to-school sales and are heavy into holiday preparations. Solid Cactus eCommerce strives to provide our clients with valuable store enhancements and updates each and every month to assist them in this incredibly busy season in retail. Check out what updates are rolling out this month.

USPS Changes
USPS Real-Time Shipping rates are being updated to include product dimensions in rate calculations and all products will now have a new ‘Dimension’ field to support this change. Upon launch, all products will be given a 1″ x 1″ x 1″ dimension, forcing rates to calculate based on weight as it has previously been calculated. And while many merchants will never have to use the new dimension field on products, it will provide those that do need it with more flexibility to control the actual shipping rates charged to customers. In addition, over 40 USPS methods will now be supported, including First Class options. For now, the new ‘Dimension’ field will only be valid for USPS shipping calculations.

Global and Category Attributes
This release extends our attribute functionality to include category and global attributes in addition to our popular product attributes. The new attribute types will allow for greater flexibility in custom store design. Using global attributes, merchants will be able to add images or custom values to store templates, or custom pages that can later be replaced with new content without having to go back and modify the template code.

In addition, global attributes can be merged into broadcasts and autoresponder emails. By merging a global attribute into an email, merchants can reuse previously sent emails and easily replace content areas without having to update template code directly. This is a big win for merchants using a lot of autoresponder campaigns. By constructing autoresponders using global attributes, they can be managed in bulk by changing content globally. Imagine having a “Deal of the Week” email campaign and only having to update the deal details in one place in order to update all related campaign emails.

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