New Social Network on the Scene – Issue 76

With 10 million new users can Google+ take the crown?

New Social Network on the Scene

It’s well known that Google has had a little rivalry with Facebook for sometime now and has tried repeatedly to create the next, more popular social network to knock Facebook down off of its throne. Several attempts with Wave and Buzz have come and fizzled out just as fast, but now there is Google+. With a very Facebook-esque interface, Google+ has already reached 10 million users since its recent launch. The difference this time is that Google isn’t just opening the doors to everyone, you have to be invited into this kingdom. Is it enough to take over as the ruler of the social world or is it too similar to the current king? Techies are having trouble defining and separating it from current networks, so what is this new platform really about and what impact is it expected to have in social media?

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You can use the Facebook photo strip space for pictures that serve as adverts for your business. You can include descriptions, links and calls to action.

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20 Facebook Marketing Tips from the Experts
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3 Steps to Measure Social Media Marketing
Keeping track of the return you get on your marketing efforts is crucial for any business. You want to know if you’re spending your money wisely or if you should be looking into other marketing outlets. Social media tends to be one of the hardest marketing methods in terms of measuring its effectiveness. You don’t just have to measure your return on investment, but your return on engagement and return on influence. Here are three steps for effectively measuring your social media efforts.
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Link Building with Google’s New Search by Image
Link building remains one of the most difficult aspects in successful SEO strategizing. But with the new Google Search by Image, you may get some more opportunities. Jason Stinnett of SEOmoz has discovered three unique scenarios where you can use this search function to find link building opportunities. Take a look at how you can follow his three tips to get more links to your website. Read more.
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Online merchants often wonder if they are posting to their blog enough or whether social media is impacting the amount of leads they are generating for their business. Social Media Examiner took a close look at two recent studies that provide new insight on these questions which can help enhance your social strategies. One finding showed that the more frequently a blog was posted on the greater traffic and leads it ultimately brought. Find out what else they discovered. Read more.

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Are You Relying Strictly on Google Analytics?
We all know what an amazingly vital and free tool Google Analytics is for measuring Internet marketing efforts. As Google continues to pioneer new features and updates, it continues to meet the needs of thousands of merchants. But is it all you need? Take a look at what some businesses are using when it comes to tracking their marketing success. Should you be looking into having an open relationship with GA by supplementing it with another analytics program? Read more.
HTML Made Easy for Marketers
HTML coding is a complicated and sometimes difficult to understand skill that is usually left to the webmaster. But knowing basic HTML is a valued skill for merchants marketing online. Have you ever wanted to make a little change to your page and couldn’t get a hold of your developer? Having this knowledge will help you make simple changes and prevents you from relying on your webmaster when they may not be available. Read more.

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