Photo Sharing Released on Twitter – Issue 80

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Photo Sharing Released on Twitter

This week Twitter finally released its photo sharing tool to all users of the social media giant. Select individuals began seeing the new tool pop up in June, but most people were kept waiting until now. The new tool is simple to use and allows you to share a photo on the site, something it has been lacking since the beginning. When updating your feed, a camera icon will appear at the bottom, allowing you to upload an image up to 3 MB large. Users are excited but the feature is not yet available on mobile devices, which many use to access Twitter. How far will this feature go and what other photo related features does the company already have in the works?

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13% of U.S. adults use Google+ which compares to 14% on MySpace, 18% on Twitter, 19% on LinkedIn, and 71% on Facebook.

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