Presenting Facebook Stores from Solid Cactus

With over 750 million users, Facebook is certainly a marketing channel you can’t afford to avoid. You may be doing social media marketing now, but what if you could use this outlet to sell your products as well?

Join Solid Cactus Co-Founder Scott Sanfilippo along with Lauren Carey and Keith Schaeffer on September 21 at 2 p.m. ET for the unveiling of one of our newest and most exciting Solid Cactus products to date – Facebook Stores! If you missed it, no problem! Find out more information here

Unlike “similar” products, your customers will be able to actually checkout without ever leaving Facebook. People spend countless hours on Facebook and social commerce sales are expected to reach $14 billion by 2015. The Facebook Store is a revolutionary product that opens the doors to endless possibilities for Facebook marketing and sales. We’ll reveal some of the technology behind it, how it can work for your site, and enhance your overall Facebook presence. We’ll also look at some concrete examples of Facebook management best practices to enhance the success of your Facebook store.

You’ll discover…

-Our new Facebook Stores product
-How you can enhance your store’s visibility on Facebook
-Facebook marketing techniques to really make your store shine
- How you can grab your share of the billions in social commerce sales expected both this year and next

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