Say Hello to the New Facbook Pages – Issue 54

Facebook Pages becomes its own account

Say Hello to the New Facbook Pages

Facebook Pages now has a look similar to the new profile layout, and other page management abilities. Choose to “Use Facebook as Page,” and you can post on and “like” other pages as your brand, but not post on personal profiles. In the upper left hand, notifications are displayed for new “likes” and page iterations. When it comes to managing your Page, ExactTarget and CoTweet found that the majority “unlike” a brand because of posting too frequently, an overall marketing overload, and repetitive content. Only 43% will actually hit unlike, 38% will just remove from the news feed and 19% just choose to ignore.

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Businesses that post 8 times or more a week see 10.27 comments per day – a definite improvement over .02 comments averaged by once a week posters.

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eCommerce News of the Week

eCommerce Marketing

People skills play into public relations
Good public relations is a mix of human and professional skills according to Ben Silverman, all are necessary to do good PR for your business. These human skills involve the patience to hear from journalists, sociability with others and the ability to communicate in the most simplistic and verbose methods. You’ll also need those professional skills such as writing, public speaking, Internet capability and the ability to multi-task. Read more.
How to use a press platform to benefit your small businesses
Online press platforms like NewsBasis and Help a Reporter Out (HARO) can create national exposure for small businesses according to Mashable’s Aleander Hotz. When using HARO he said it’s best to respond to queries targeted at you, be sensitive to deadlines and provide usable information. NewsBasis is a new service which sorts people according to their industry expertise, and sign up can be done through LinkedIn. This helps businesses with niche interests. Read more.

Selling Online

How to handle your out-of-stock inventory
When a product goes out of stock, what do you do? Linda Bustos of GetElastic gives a checklist of out-of-stock priorities. If you want to keep the “link juice” for SEO purposes, use a 301 redirect to a replacement product or the closest product category. Or you can include an out of stock message. For email campaigns, let customers know that a featured product has gone out of stock; this creates urgency for other featured products. Also, change and update all PPC campaigns, affiliate and data feeds. Read more.
32 free eCommerce tools
There’s an app for that? Not exactly, but Practical eCommerce lists the 32 tools for just about any eCommerce need – most of which are free. What’s hot now? Use Google Trends. Invented something new? Check the current patent lists on Google. DoubleClick Ad Planner will let you see what websites your target customers visit to help create a media strategy. Want a trusted checkout? An integrated Google Checkout starts at 1.9% plus $.30 per transaction. Read more.

Social Media

How to assess and optimize your social media strategy
Social media priorities should be based on your social business maturity says Jeremiah Owyang and Charlene Li of Altimeter Group. Novice companies should choose a social leader from within and train others on how to do things right. Externally you should develop a triage program for customer response in social networks and blogs and invest in proper workflow processes. Corporate businesses will reach the intermediate and advanced levels after more time than a small business. Read more.
How to leverage the Facebook News Feed
The Facebook News Feeds pick content for the “Top News” section based on affinity, weight and time by the EdgeRank algorithm. Scott Meldrum explains in iMediaConnection how you can use these facts to leverage your page content. He says links made to content within Facebook, like the page itself, will make your page seem more relevant to EdgeRank. User contributions and consistent posting all help. Read more.

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