The Death of a Visionary – Issue 88

Steve Jobs’ impact on eCommerce and the world

Facebook Stores Have Arrived

Steve Jobs’ impact on the world at large was huge. Who knows when the next time an innovator such as him will come around so as the world mourns its loss, it is a time to reflect back on everything Jobs did for not only Apple and technology as a whole but for eCommerce. Jobs had a philosophy in life to live it to the fullest and always go after your dreams. He stressed the importance of not settling in life’s choices and his words will live on through the thousands who looked up to him not only as an inventor but as a visionary. Take a look back at how his latest Apple inventions helped revolutionize the eCommerce industry, as well as what life lessons he had to teach.

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IEngaged social consumers spend between 20 and 40 percent more money on companies they follow online.


Facebook Stores
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eCommerce Marketing

4 Reasons Your Social Media May Be Failing
Some businesses are flourishing in the social media world and some are not. When it comes down to it, not all business owners are fully aware of how to manage their social media presence and therefore it is just not working. So why are you failing in social media and what can you do to fix the problem? Read more.
12 Places You Need Calls-to-Action
Calls-to-action introduce potential customers to offers. But if you aren’t using them in the right places, chances are you’re not getting enough traffic. Check out these 12 places that you may be forgetting to put calls-to-action and get more customers shopping on your store.
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Selling Online

8 Tips to Better Landing Pages in an Instant
The purpose of a landing page is to convert – plain and simple. But first you need people to be attracted to your page so they actually go to your online store. What if there was a way you could improve your non-converting landing pages in an instant? It is possible with these eight tips that will improve not only the quality but the performance of the page. Read more.
10 Tools for Growing Your Business
All business owners would like to grow their bottom line. The means to running a successful business are continually changing which means you have to keep up with new trends and techniques. When it comes to marketing intelligence solutions and crowd sourcing for instance, there are new tools out there to help you grow. Check out these 10 tools for growing your eCommerce business. Read more.

Customer Service

What Makes Customer Service Online Awful
Customer service can make or break a business. You can’t expect shoppers to keep coming back if they are treated poorly no matter what type of store you have. Providing great customer service online is difficult for a multitude of reasons, but this doesn’t mean these reasons should be used as excuses. Find out why it is so difficult to provide customer service online and how you can overcome these obstacles. Read more.
Big Money from Customer Service with a Little Insight
One of the reasons businesses loose money when it comes to customer service is a lack of insight. When a customer calls and the agent isn’t sure what they are talking about or where to get the information from, it can be very costly for the merchant because customers don’t have time to wait around for an answer. They need answers and they need them fast. Learn how to use a little knowledge to keep your customers. Read more.

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