Thursday Internet Marketing Rundown

Just In: Google Analytics has separated out Data Hub Activity and Trackbacks. See inbound links to your site and what they’re linking to. It’s not entirely perfect, you can see the number of visits from that link for instance, but not sort by that or any other information.

Fingers crossed you will soon! For a full list of recently detected links detected to your site, use Google’s Webmaster tools.

Similarly, SEOmoz has launched Freshscape Explorer will allow you to do compare links as well as mentions to your domain from its 30 day index of 4.3 million feeds.

It allows for competitive research and the ability to track keywords. (FYI this tool is part of their paid package.)

Image via Google’s Analytics Advocate, Justin Cutroni

Don’t Miss: Worried about word count? Size doesn’t matter in site content. It’s what you do with it. As John Douherty explains, everything that is written on your site should provide value, be better than your competitors, and be intriguing. Content is most often linked when it is longer than average, contains video or images, or better yet both. Including easy to understand Harry Potter and donuts references, this is a must read for anyone concerned about content on Distilled.

Ten Second Tip

Want a quick and easy answer from Google? With The Short Cutts you can find a brief synopsis of a video from Google’s Matt Cutts. However, it’s not the The Clear Cutts – so while it’s the closest you can get to answer, it still doesn’t make Google’s guidelines crystal clear. More on this at

Keep an Eye on: Facebook vs Twitter #Feuds Facebook works to become #hashtag friendly. If successful, this means users will be able to see at a glance which topics are trending and being discussed on Twitter. More on this at the WSJ Online. Those of you broadcasting sales, URL’s and phone numbers in your cover image can breathe a sigh of relief. Your Business Page cover image can now legally contain calls to action with Facebook’s laxer regulations as explained in Both moves bode well for brands!

Klout Guns for Brands

If you like social media, you may want a little Klout. In response to LinkedIn’s ‘recommendations’ Klout has launched a business portal. Sign up now to make sure your brand is ready to mark out its little space in digital real estate. Read more about this move on CNN.

What Actually Matters in Meta Tags

Forget meta keywords – and not just because they carry no value – meta tags are the smartphone of business world. You can’t live without one for long. “More than 50% of businesses either don’t have a Meta Description or have one that is too long. Your first step to winning is to get in the game and follow the basic rules.” says Rivaliq.

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